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  • August

    Military working dogs to get new woof over their heads thanks to Omaha District

    If you were asked where the US Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District was building a new kennel for military working dogs, what would your guess be?
  • Engineering With Nature® initiative captures sustainability award for the Corps

    When an agency that focuses primarily on developing large infrastructure projects ⸺ as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does ⸺ wins an award for sustainability, that is a meaningful achievement.
  • July

    Explore The Dalles Dam and visitor center this summer

    Visit The Dalles Dam and visitor center this summer. Discover how the dam works and why it’s here. Examine the benefits and trade-offs, and learn about the Corps’ unique history.
  • May

    Complex system of dams turns 50, saves Oregon $1 billion annually

    This year, Blue River Dam turns 50-years-old, and marks the 50th commemoration of the completion of the entire system of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 13 dams in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, which has been systematically protecting people, infrastructure and a way-of-life since 1969.
  • Operating the Columbia River System today

    Federal agencies operate many Columbia River dams to meet a wide spectrum of needs in the Pacific Northwest. Among the most important are flood risk management, power production, fish and wildlife conservation, navigation, irrigation, recreation and municipal and industrial water supply.
  • What is the No Action Alternative?

    The National Environmental Policy Act requires agencies to always describe and analyze a “no action” alternative in an EIS. In simple terms, a No Action alternative for an existing or ongoing federal project considers what would happen if the federal agency continued to operate and maintain the authorized project with no changes.
  • Learn and Link

    Learn more about the Columbia River System Operations and the Environmental Impact Statement process.
  • Learn and Link

    Learn more about the Columbia River System Operations and the Environmental Impact Statement process.
  • CRSO EIS Featured Project

    The Columbia River System is large and complex. This educational feature introduces you to individual projects that play a role in supporting the region’s tribes, communities, industries and fish and wildlife species.
  • Webcast outlines reasonable range of alternatives

    An online webcast outlining the five alternatives undergoing a detailed evaluation.