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Record of Decision
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The joint Record of Decision on the Columbia River System Operation EIS is now available, following its signing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and Bonneville Power Administration on September 28, 2020.

The Record of Decision documents the Preferred Alternative as identified in the final Environmental Impact Statement, as the Selected Alternative for implementation and the agencies' final decision. The Record of Decision is the final step in the Columbia River System Operations National Environmental Policy Act process.


View the Record of Decision
View the Record of Decision (1.7mb pdf) on this website.
The Record of Decision was published by the Department of Energy in the Federal Register.
Watch the Record of Decision Ceremony
The agencies developed the environmental impact statement and Record of Decision in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act in response to the need to review and update management of the Columbia River System. This included evaluating impacts to resources in the context of new information and changed conditions in the Columbia River Basin. The final EIS documents the review and discloses the environmental effects of implementing the Selected Alternative, containing of a suite of structural and operational measures that provide a balanced approach to operations, maintenance, and configuration of the Columbia River System. The system is comprised of 14 federal dam and reservoir projects in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.