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Personnel from Kansas City District, HNTB architecture firm, and the Union Pacific Railroad reviewing a closure structure along the Armourdale Levee Unit.
USACE Environmental Managers assess a flowering rush infestation.
The Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus sits on a 450-foot-tall basalt-rock hill south of downtown. Marquam Hill is also crowded with homes, steep slopes and daily commuters (during non-pandemic times), making construction a difficult challenge that engineers and designers are grappling with as they make plans for a seismic retrofit of the hospital.
Operations Project Manager Jeannette Wilson speaking at the 50th anniversary ceremony for Lower Monumental Lock and Dam in 2019.
Saved this web page to your mobile phone’s home screen for up-to-date Missouri Basin forecasts and information from the official information providers.
The National Levee Database is a living, dynamic information source that provides visualization and search capability on the location and condition of levee systems nationwide.

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Drought conditions driving lowered runoff forecast
Very dry conditions in April resulted in very low runoff in the upper Missouri River Basin. The upper Basin runoff was 44% of average, which was the 9th driest April in 123 years of record. The...
Spring Spill begins facilitating fish passage at Snake and Columbia river dams
Federal water managers have begun the annual spill of water past hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers to help juvenile salmon and steelhead migrate to the ocean this spring. The spill...
2021 runoff forecast remains below average; Virtual spring public meetings April 6
Reservoir inflows in the Missouri River basin above Sioux City, Iowa (upper Basin) were well-below average in March. The updated 2021 upper Basin runoff forecast is 21.3 million acre-feet (MAF), 83%...

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KC Levees Provides Safety Improvements for Aged System
The Kansas Citys Levees Project stands out as one of the largest and most complex ever undertaken by the Kansas City District, with life-safety and economic benefits to match...
Ammunition Supply Point expansion opens on Fort Carson
The Fort Carson Army Field Support Battalion hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the official opening of new facilities at the Ammunition Supply Point on Fort Carson, Colorado, on March 19...
Corps of Engineers partners with states in fight against invasive aquatic plants
Butomus umbellatus may conjure up images of a hippopotamus belly, but in reality, it is flowering rush, an aquatic invasive plant species that poses a grave threat to the Columbia River Basin’s...