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Columbia Basin Water Control Data

The Hydrologic Engineering Branch of the Columbia Basin Water Management Division is located in Portland, Ore.

Our Water Control Data reports organized in two different ways for your convenience. Also, project pages now have real-time data reports at the top of the page for easy access.

This dataquery link provides interactive access to our Water Control Data.

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Realtime data presented on this web site -- including stream discharge, reservoir water levels, data from water quality monitors and meteorological data -- are preliminary and have not received final approval from agencies that are collecting it. Data relayed by satellite or other realtime telemetry have received little or no review. Inaccuracies in the data may be present because of instrument malfunctions or physical changes at the measurement site. Subsequent review may result in significant revisions to this data.

Users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional and tenative nature of the information contained within this web site before using it for any decisions, particularly ones concerning personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. The agencies disclaim responsibility for the accuracy of this data until it has been reviewed, revised as necessary, and finally approved.

Historical data is available at the Columbia River DART (Data Access in Real Time), University of Washington. The DART Homepage has several categories of data that can be queried directly. If you are unable to locate the desired data at DART, it will be necessary to submit a custom data request.

We can respond to requests for data retrieval and customized reports for Corps of Engineers' project data on a case-by-case reimbursable basis.

Charges for retrieval and distribution of Northwestern Division data from our CROHMS database will use the applicable rates as published in the Portland District "Freedom of Information Processing Cost for Technical Data" rate sheet. Charges will only be for our actual time and materials. The current rate is $US19.40 per hour (one-half hour minimum).

Payment will be by MIPR (between Corps offices), or prepaid check made out to:

FAO USACE Portland
Memo: Re: Water Management Data Request
and mailed to the following address:
PO BOX 2870
PORTLAND OR 97208-2870

Please contact Hydrologic Engineering for further information.