Adrian Mariscal Arellano

John Day Lock & Dam
Published Nov. 9, 2021

I applied for the intern program because I wanted to learn how electricity was produced at a hydropower facility. I grew up 15 minutes from Chief Joseph Dam and was always curious about the types of equipment it had and how it worked to produce the power we use at our homes.

Being in the Hydropower Intern program is amazing! Starting the first summer I got hands on experience working with mechanics and electricians at the dam, which helped me get a better understanding of the different systems found in a hydropower facility.

Furthermore, the intern program is a great way to start meeting new people across different elements within U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Another benefit of the program is that from the first day of the internship, there is already a group of people who, at some point, were in the intern program too and are willing to help you navigate through it successfully. Everyday, we are exposed to many things and it’s a nonstop learning experience! Being in this program is an opportunity of a lifetime!