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Tag: Gavins Point Dam
  • Updated release plans for Gavins Point and Fort Randall dams

    Due to continued rainfall and forecast inflows into the Gavins Point reservoir from the Niobrara River, and other tributaries, releases from Fort Randall and Gavins Point dams will be changing. Releases from Fort Randall have already been decreased as low as they can be and will have some periods of zero release.
  • Reservoir release changes at Fort Randall and Gavins Point dams

    Excessive rainfall in eastern South Dakota, northeastern Nebraska, and northwestern Iowa, has led to increased runoff downstream of Gavins Point Dam. The lower releases will begin today, and will continue through June 23. Because of the lower releases, the pool elevation at Gavins Point Dam will increase about 2 feet. The elevation as of midnight, June 21, was 1207.1 feet.
  • May runoff slightly above average; Fort Peck flow test continues

    Active rainfall patterns across the Midwest provided much needed moisture to several portions of the Missouri River Basin. Large areas of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, eastern South Dakota, and eastern Nebraska received more than 200% of normal precipitation for the month of May. However, central South Dakota, western Nebraska, and eastern Colorado received as little as 25% of normal precipitation.
  • Missouri River Basin runoff forecast improves but remains below average; Fort Peck Flow Test underway

    As warmer weather moves into the Missouri River Basin, spring precipitation brought some much-needed moisture throughout the basin. For the month of April, runoff was 2.1 million acre-feet, 71% of average, for the basin above Sioux City, Iowa. The annual runoff forecast for the upper Missouri River Basin above Sioux City is 19.2 MAF, 75% of average, and 1.7 MAF higher than last month’s forecast.
  • Upper basin runoff forecast improves, remains below average; Fort Peck test flows to begin in late April

    The latest 2024 calendar year runoff forecast for the Missouri River Basin above Sioux City, Iowa
  • Missouri River Basin spring public meetings announced

    Public Meetings are held each spring and fall across the Missouri River basin. Upper Basin spring public meetings will be held the week of March 25 in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana.