News Releases

Category: Water Management - Missouri River
  • Drought persists through wetter than normal May

    Despite wetter-than-normal conditions across much of the Missouri River basin during May, drought persists across much of the region and mainstem reservoir levels remain below normal.
  • Incoming cold weather prompts Corps to increase releases from Gavins Point dam

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Missouri River Basin Water Management Division plans to step up Gavins Point dam releases by 4,000 cubic feet per second this week in response to colder temperatures moving into the region. We will monitor the situation closely and make additional adjustments if necessary to maintain intakes along the lower river.
  • Gavins Point releases begin scheduled decrease as navigation season closes

    Gavins Point releases are currently being stepped down to minimum winter release levels as drought conditions persist throughout the Missouri River basin. Releases from Gavins Point will continue to be gradually reduced and will be targeted at the minimum level of 12,000 cfs this winter to conserve water in the reservoir system.