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  • 2021 runoff forecast remains below average; Virtual spring public meeting set for April 6

    *** Updated to add links to schedule for virtual public meetings *** Reservoir inflows in the Missouri River basin above Sioux City, Iowa (upper Basin) were well-below average in February. The 2021 calendar year runoff forecast for the upper basin remains below average. “Very cold February temperatures in the upper Basin locked up tributaries in ice and reduced inflows to the System reservoirs,” said John Remus, chief of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’, Missouri River Basin Water Management Division. “Mountain snowpack continues to accumulate in the Rocky Mountains; however, plains snowpack is well-below seasonal averages and soil moisture continues to be much drier than normal.”
  • USACE Publishes Policy Update for Inundation Maps and the National Inventory of Dams

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published Engineer Circular 1110-2-6075, “Inundation Maps and Emergency Action Plans and Incident Management for Dams and Levee Systems,” in October. This update allows for the use and public dissemination of inundation maps in emergency action plans (EAP) and the National Inventory of Dams (NID), It also provides the dam safety community access to critical information about residual flood risks from USACE dams and levees.
  • Green Peter Dam less risky after extensive studies, rehab and assessment

    After years of extensive studies, a risk assessment and recent rehabilitation of spillway gates, officials re-classify Green Peter Dam, near Sweet Home, Ore., as a Low Risk dam. Recent rehabilitation of the spillway tainter gates for trunnion friction and overall reliability have improved the risk characterization. These efforts along with a detailed review of the dam’s hazards, performance and consequences, helped decrease risks from the last assessment, which rated Green Peter as a High Risk dam.