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Corps begins summer operations for fish

Published June 21, 2013

Portland, Ore. - Snake and Columbia River juvenile salmon and steelhead are getting assistance on their way to the ocean. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers transitioned from spring to summer fish operations on beginning on June 16 at Bonneville Dam, June 20 at McNary Dam, June 21 at Lower Snake River dams and will continue that transition through July 1 at The Dalles and John Day dams. Summer operations will run through August 31.

Seasonal operations for spill at Corps-operated dams on the lower Snake and Columbia rivers are largely similar to the plan used last summer. Jointly developed by federal and regional fish managers, the goal is to provide timely and safe passage of juvenile fish through the hydrosystem. Spill is one of several effective tools utilized for providing safe passage at the mainstem hydrosystem projects.

Through a coordinated set of hydrosystem actions, the federal agencies work with state and tribal partners to enhance juvenile and adult fish survival, meet performance standards required by the 2008/2010 Biological Opinion, and provide benefits to resident fish.


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Michael Coffey

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