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Gavins Point releases continue to decline

Missouri River Water Management Division
Published June 27, 2024
Updated: June 27, 2024
A graphic showing declining inflows into Gavins Point Dam with a blue line trending sharply downward. The graphic also shows the elevation at the reservoir stabilizing from a peak of more than 1210 feet back to 1207.7 feet.

Inflows into Gavins Point Dam continue to decline with uncontrolled tributaries into the reservoir returning to normal flows following heavy rains from June 19-21. Releases from Gavins Point are gradually declining as the pool elevation stabilizes. Current releases are 20,000 cfs and will decline to 16,000 cfs today, June 27.

**** Average Releases from Fort Randall were incorrectly reported as 8,600 cfs for today. The average for the day is 4,000 cfs.****

Releases from Gavins Point dam will continue to decline.

Inflows into Gavins Point, primarily from the Niobrara River, have dropped to nearly 10,000 cubic feet per second with current releases from Fort Randall Dam around 1,000 cfs. Planned releases from Fort Randall Dam will average 4,000 cfs as regular power generation comes back online.

Current releases from Gavins Point are 20,000 cfs and are lowering to 16,000 cfs today. All releases are being made through the powerhouse. 

"We will reevaluate conditions on Friday, June 28, and if inflows into Gavins Point Dam from the unregulated tributaries, like the Niobrara continue to decline, we may have an option to lower releases to 13,000 cfs to reduce further impacts downstream of Gavins Point," said John Remus, chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division.

Average daily inflows into Gavins Point in June are 32,000 cfs with average daily releases from Fort Randall making up 28,900 cfs of the Gavins Point inflows, leaving 3,100 cfs of inflows from tributaries like the Niobrara River and rainfall. 

The current pool elevation at Gavins Point Dam is 1207.7 feet and slowly declining. The average pool elevation for Gavins Point Dam in June is 1206.1 feet. 

"We will continue to monitor inflows and pool elevations at Gavins Point, and throughout the Missouri River Mainstem System, and make adjustments as needed," said Remus.

The Northwestern Division, Omaha and Kansas City Districts will continue to provide daily updates at 1 p.m. to  Congressional representatives, Tribal, state and local government officials, levee sponsors, emergency managers, and the media. Recordings of the update are available online at or on your preferred podcasting application at Missouri River Water Management. 

Graphic showing Pool elevation at Gavins Point Dam (green line), inflows into Gavins Point (red line), releases from Gavins Point (blue line). Currently pool elevation is 1207.7 feet, inflows are about 11,000 cfs, and releases are about 20,000 cfs, with all slowly declining.

Eileen Williamson

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