Portland District Contracting Opportunities Forecast

Contracting Opportunities Forecast

Portland District
Published Jan. 27, 2023

Provides engineering services to the Pacific Northwest and Nation to strengthen our security, promote a strong economy & enhance environmental sustainability. The District encompasses nearly 97,000 square miles of land and water in Oregon and southwestern Washington. The District’s future is tied to helping to balance the region’s competing needs for navigation, flood damage reduction, hydropower, fish and wildlife habitat, disaster recovery, irrigation and recreation. This is accomplished by improving and maintaining navigation for economic development and safety, preventing & reducing flood damage, restoring, enhancing & maintaining ecosystems, generating reliable and efficient hydropower, regulating activities in wetlands and waterways, providing Corps-wide expertise in hydroelectric planning and engineering, and by providing safe and healthful recreational opportunities for the public.

Web: https://www.nwp.usace.army.mil/Business-With-Us/

NAICS/PSC Location Project Title and Description/Location Fiscal Year  * Value * Set-Aside
541330   Comprehensive Multiple Award AE Contract Q2 23 $60M TBD
541330   Hydraulics and Hydrology SATOC Q2 23 $10M F&O
541330   Hydropower Related Engineering & Design Q2 23 $10M F&O
541330   A-E Geological & Geotechnical Engineering Services IDIQ Q2 23 $5M TBD
237990 West Coast West Coast Hopper Dredging Q2 23 $25M-$100M F&O
237990 Oregon Depoe Bay Maintenance Dredging  Q2 23 $5M-$10M SB
237990 OR/SW WA Coast/River Clamshell Dredging Q2 23 $5M-$10M SB
237990 Oregon Rogue River Maintenance Dredging Q2 23 $5M-$10M F&O
237990 Oregon Tongue Point Dredging  (Columbia River) Q2 23 $5M-$10M SB
336611 TBD Essayons Maintenance & Repair Contract Q3 23 $10M-$25M F&O
336611 TBD Yaquina Maintenance & Repair Contract Q3 23 $5M-$10M F&O
238210 Bonneville Bonneville Dam I MUCB Supply Contract Q2 23   F&O
335311 Linn Co Detroit Dam Transformers Install Q2 23   SB
236220 Portland, OR VAPORHCS Phase 1 B108 Construction Q2 23 $10M-$25M F&O
236220 Portland, OR VAPORHCS Phase 2  B110-111 Construction Q2 23 >$500M F&O
237990 SW WA Spirit Lake Outlet Tunnel - Gate Replacement Q2 23 $10M-$25M SB
237990 SW WA Columbia River Channel Improvements Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 SW WA Baker Bay Pile Dikes TBD $10M-$25M F&O
237990 Bonneville Bonneville Dam Digital Governors Q2 23  $5M-$10M  F&O
237990 Bonneville Bonneville Dam Lamprey B-Branch Ent Improvements Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 Bonneville Bonneville Dam Spillway Rock Removal FY23 TBD $500K-$1M SB
237990 Bonneville BN Power Plant 1 Headgate Repair Pit Rehabilitation Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 Bonneville Bonneville Dam Spillway Gate Repair & Storage Pits  Q2 23 $5M-$10M SB
238210 Bonneville Bradford Island Service Bldg PRQ Switchgear Upgrade Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 The Dalles The Dalles Dam Lamprey Improvement - LPS Ladder Q2 23 $1M-$5M WOSB
238220 John Day John Day HVAC UPGRADES Q2 23 $5M-$10M F&O
237990 John Day John Day Turbine Pit Pumps (Headcover Pumps) Q3 23 $1M-$5M SB
561621 John Day John Day Powerhouse Security System Upgrades Q3 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 John Day John Day Turbine Pit Pumps Reliability Improvements Q3 23 $1M-$5M WOSB
332410 John Day John Day Generator Cooling Water System  Q3 23 $500K-$1M F&O
237990 Linn Co Detroit Dam Debris Boom Install and Anchor Const. Q2 23 $100K-$500K WOSB
237990 Lane Co. Lookout Point Deep Draw Down Mitigation Measure Q2 23 $500K-$1M SB
238210 Lane Co. Lookout Point PH Heat Pump Ventilation Q2 23 $100K-$500K SB
237990 Lane Co. Dexter Dam Fish Facility Upgrade Q2 23 $25M-$100M F&O
238220 Lane Co. Hills Creek Electrical Reliability Upgrade Q2 23 $5M-$10M F&O
237990 Lane Co. Hills Creek Spillway Rock Removal and Reinforcement Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB
237990 Lane Co. Cougar Dam Regulating Outlet Channel Surfacing (CRFM) Q2 23 $1M-$5M SB

This information is provided to serve as a reference for potential contracting and subcontracting opportunities from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The information is subject to change without notice.

Set aside abbreviations  
Woman Owned Small Business  WOSB
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOSB
Small Business  SB
Full & Open F&O
Request for Proposal RFP
8(a) sole source 8(a) SS
8(a) competitive 8(a) comp
*projected and subject to change  

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