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Missouri River Water Management

Missouri River Water Management News

August inflows much below average in northern Missouri River Basin
August precipitation was well-below normal in the Missouri River Basin, particularly in the western and far northern portions, which received less than 25% of normal precipitation. The lack of...
Fort Peck releases to change slightly
Releases from Fort Peck dam will be increased from 9,000 cubic feet per second to as much as 11,000 cfs to address conditions immediately downstream of the dam. Releases will begin increasing on Aug...
Gavins Point releases to remain steady through August
Below-normal precipitation in Montana and Wyoming during July resulted in slightly below-average July runoff in the upper Basin. The 2020 calendar year upper basin runoff forecast, updated on August...
Releases from Fort Peck Dam to decline during maintenance work
Releases from Fort Peck Dam will be reduced from 11,000 cubic feet per second to 8,500 cfs on July 28 and then increase slightly to 9,000 cfs on July 29.A Power Plant maintenance project originally...
​Releases from Gavins Point Dam to decrease
“The upper basin runoff forecast has been reduced by about 1 MAF due to the recent dry conditions as well as the National Weather Service’s climate outlook, which is indicating that the remainder of...
Upper Missouri River basin forecast remains above average
Water releases from Gavins Point Dam will remain at 33,000 cubic feet per second in June, which is about average. May runoff in the upper Basin was about 130% of average; however, the summer climate...
Missouri River basin’s below-normal precipitation leads to lower runoff forecast; reduced Gavins Point releases
Gavins Point releases will be reduced to 33,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Friday, May 8 following a reduction in forecast 2020 upper basin runoff. Since January, precipitation in the upper basin...