Missouri River Water Management


Hourly Data

Hourly data provided from basin wide Data Control Points (DCP) if available, the information provided will include:

EL - pool elevation in feet above mean sea level 
SG - reservoir storage in 1000 acre-feet
TW - tailwater elevation in feet above mean sea level 
OP - powerhouse release in 1000 cfs
O2 - spillway release in 1000 cfs
WS - wind speed in mph
WD - wind direction in degrees from north
WT - water temperature in deg F
GE - power generation in MWh
AT - air temperature in deg F 
GH - gage height in feet 
Q - river flow in 1000 cfs
PR - precipitation in inches

District Project Data

Missouri River Main Stem and Major Tributaries

Missouri River and Tributaries - Downstream of Gavins Point

Missouri River - Endangered Species Monitoring

Basin Wide Data Control Points