Seattle District Contracting Opportunities Forecast

Contracting Opportunities Forecast

Seattle District
Published June 12, 2024

Provides Military and Civil Works services as well as support for other agencies. The District also plays a key role in environmental protection and improvement – from protecting wetlands to ecological restoration and cleaning up hazardous and toxic waste pollution. The District’s military mission includes designing and building projects for the Army, Air Force and Army Reserves. The District also provides technical services to other armed forces upon request. The Seattle District operates the Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, Washington; the Albeni Falls Dam in Oldtown, Idaho; the Libby Dam in Libby, Montana; and the Hiram Chittenden (Ballard) Locks in Seattle, Washington.


OVER SAT ($250K)
NAICS/PSC Location Project Title and Description/Location Fiscal Year  * Value * Set-Aside
237990 Oldtown, ID W912DW-24-R-0020 Albeni Falls Fish Passage Facility (2 phase Design Build) This project will advance & finalize the design and construction for a fish passage facility at Albeni Falls Dam. Phase 1 - TBDFY24
Phase 2 - TBDFY25
>$10M F&O
237990 Grays Harbor, WA W912DW-24-B-0001 North Jetty Repair - Repair initial section of Critical Repair Area 1 of the Grays Harbor North Jetty (western end). TBD >$10M SB
237990  Skokomish River Mason County, WA W912DW-20-R-0029  Skokomish River Env. Restoration Contract The construction project is a river restoration project in Mason County, Washington that includes construction of engineered log jams in the upstream reaches of the river, a levee removal, a side channel reconnection, and wetland restoration at two sites TBD FY24 >$10M SB
562910 Bainbridge Island, WA W912DW-24-R-0010 Wyckoff Debris Removal & Wall Replacement  Construction project on Bainbridge Island to remediate POL contamination. Q3FY24 >$10M SB
237990 La Conner, WA Swinomish Maintenance Dredging - Routine clamshell dredging of five (5) distinct work areas within the Swinomish Federal channel. Q2FY24 $1M-$5M SB
562910 Butte County, OR W912DW-24-R-0007 Formosa Mine Superfund Remedial Action                                     Work consists of activities necessary to implement the earthwork related requirements of the Record of Decision for the Formosa Mine Superfund Site Operable Unit (OU) 1. Includes all surface and subsurface mine materials deposited outside of the underground mine workings and considered "source materials" for the site. TBD FY25 >$10M SB
237990 Bridgeport, WA W912DW-24-R-0001 Chief Joseph Dam Exciter - Replace Chief Joseph Dam Excitation Units 1-16 with state of the art equipment. Q4FY24 >$10M F&O
237990 La Push, WA W912DW-24-B-0005 Quillayute Rialto Rvt Repair - Routine Maintenance with armor stone and beach nourishment Q2FY24 $1M-$5M SB
333923 Oldtown, ID W912DW-24-R-0019 Albeni Falls Dam Powerhouse Bridge Crane - a. Replacement of the two bridge trolleys, including new main and auxilary hoists, trolley drives and upper sheave nest. b. Rehabilitation of the bridge drive, including brakes, motor, shafts, bearings & couplings. Q1FY24 $5M-$10M SB
237120 Great Falls ANG, MT W912DW-24-R-0013 Construct POL Complex  - new fueling facilities at Great Falls Air National Guard to support fueling of DoD/Air Force aircraft assigned to Great Falls ANGB and to provide a GOV Gas Station, including fuel storage, fuel off-loading, fuel dispensing and an ops bldg Q2FY24 >$10M F&O
236220 Yakima, WA (JBLM) W912DW-24-R-0003 Construct Dining Facility - Yakima Training Center Construct 5,653 SF Dining Facility for WAARNG on Yakima Training Center. Q2FY24 $5M-$10M SB
236220 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-R-0YF0 Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility TBD >$10M TBD
236220 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-R-0011 FSRM - Mutli-Disc. Maintenance, Repair, Minor Construction and Incidental Design Single Award Task Order (SATOC) Q4FY24 >$10M SDVOSB
332312 Oldtown, ID W912DW-24-R-0002 Albeni Falls Dam FY24 Small Cap - Turbine Maintenance Platform - Provide Materials and Services to provide AFD with a Turbine Maintenance Platform. Q4FY24 $250k-$500k  SB
TBD Enumclaw, WA Mud Mountain Dam Fish Passage Facility Security System Upgrades TBDFY24 TBD TBD
237990 Bridgeport, WA W912DW-24-X-0Z8P Chief Josheph Dam Powerhouse Sump Pumps and Controls -To replace the vertical pumps with the same as existing rated capacity, replacement of all gate valves, replacement of all suction piping, and replacement of the entire dry sump drainage system. Q3FY24 $1M-$5M TBD
541380 NWD W912DW-24-R-0YV9 Environmental Analytical and Data Validation Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) Q3FY24 $500k-$1M WOSB
541620 Yakima, WA W912DW-24-R-0005 JBLM Yakima Training Center - Wildlife Natural and Cultural Resources - Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) Tool to support future/planned TO Awards to provide Natural and Cultural Resources services at YTC Q3FY24 $5M-$10M 8(a)
541620 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-Q-0SEW JBLM Herbicide Service - Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) - Support on future planned task orders to provide herbicide and pesticide services at JBLM. Q3FY24 $1M-$5M SB
562910 NWD W912DW-23-R-MWAJ Preplaced Remedial Action Contract (PRAC) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)  Northwestern Division-wide tool for environmental removal actions, remedial actions, and other remediation activities as well as related activities necessary to ensure complete and successful remediation Q4FY24 >$10M 8(a)
541330 NWD W912DW-24-R-1000 A-E Services supporting Military and Interagency International Services Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) Multi-disciplinary engineering and design work Q4FY24 >$10M F&O
541330 Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-R-0012 JBLM Multi-Discipline AE (LACPO)  Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) A E services required for the contract include multi-disciplinary engineering and design work to support the renovation and conversion of multiple facilities from barracks to administrative facilities, seismic deficiency corrections in extremely high-risk buildings, renovation of portions of existing buildings for efficiencies, and providing improvements of site infrastructure and utilities to support Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and its sub-installations Q2FY24 >$10M SB
541330 Yakima, WA W912DW-24-R-0YL8 JBLM Yakima Training Center Noxious Weeds Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) Q3FY24 $500k-$1M SB
TBD Joint Base Lewis-McCord (JBLM), WA  W912DW-24-R-0XNA JBLM Mechanical Brushing - unit brush cutting, as well as light, medium, and heavy mechanical road brushing. Q3FY24 $1M-$5M SB
TBD NWD W912DW-24-R-0YY3 Environmental Consulting Service Tool - support for Army and AF Env. Assessments, NEPA and related work. TBDFY24 >$10M TBD
237990 Ravensdale, WA W912DW-24-R-0004 Howard Hansen Dam Fish Passage Facility - Construct FPF with intake and tunnel outlet structure TBDFY25 >$10M F&O
237990 Willapa Bay, WA Willapa Maintenance Dredging - Dredge and dispose of approximately 150K CY of material from the Toke Point, Nahcotta, and Bay Center Fed navigation channel with open water disposal.  Q2FY25 $1M-$5M SB
237990 Port Angeles, WA Ediz Hook Repair - Placement of rock on Ediz Hook for revetment repair and beach nourishment. TBD FY24 $1M-$5M SB
236220 Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-R-0024 Consolidated Rigging Facility JBLM - Construct a Consolidated Parachute Rigging Facility at JBLM in support of US Army Special Operations Command Q3FY24 >$10M F&O
236220 Chambersburg, PA  W912DW-24-R-0008 DLA Letterkenny Warehouse Reno - Refurbish three small warehouses and construct overhang/loading dock Q4FY24 $1M-$5M 8(a)
236220 Columbus, OH W912DW-24-R-0009 DLA Columbus Warehouse 44 Reno - Renovate warehouse 44, construct administration space,  replace roof, construct new loading docks, and develop/construct warehouse yard Q2FY24 >$10M 8(a)
541620 NWD W912DW-24-R-0YY3 Environmental Consulting Services Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) - Contract tool to support Army and AF Env. Assessments, NEPA and related work. Q4FY24 >$10M SB
236220 Bridgeport, WA W912DW-24-X-0ZGD Chief Joseph Dam Electric and Hydraulic Elevators - Replace both powerhouse electric and hydraulic elevators Q4FY24 $5M-$10M SB
237990 Everette, WA W912DW-24-B-0016 - FY24 Everett Clamshell Dredging -  clamshell maintenance dredging of upper and lower settling basin with disposal at Port Gardner open water site. Q4FY24 $1M-$5M SB
562910 Fairchild, AFB W912DW-24-R-0YQF Fairchild AFB Optimized Remediation Contract Q4FY24 $5M-$10M 8(a)
TBD Eunumclaw, WA MMD Concrete Crane Pad Repair TBD $1M-$5M TBD
115310 Yakima, WA W912DW-24-R-0YWA - Yakima Training Center Aerial Services Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) - Various services for YTC. Services include pesticides, seeding, and GIS mapping. Q4FY24 $500k-$1M SB
237310 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-24-B-0Y1Y Perimeter Road J84018-Rpr McChord Bridges CE0809 - Replace failing culverts on Perimeter Road (Bridge #J84018) with a constructed bridge near McChord Airfield.  The AE design was completed February 2022.  This action is the construction phase of the project and includes the construction of one bridge Q3FY24 $5M-$10M 8(a)
TBD TBD (EM) Audio/Visual Refresh for the EOC Q3FY24 $500k-$1M SB
237990 La Push, WA FY24 Quillayute Maintenance Dredging - dredging of approximately 60,000 CY material via hydraulic dredging. Q4FY24 $1M-$5M SB
TBD La Push, WA FY24 Quillayute Timber Wall Repair - Quillayute Timber Wall Repair will consist of restoring the timber wall height in two locations where the top portion of the wall is missing. Q4FY24 $250k-$500k SB
236220 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA W912DW-23-R-0023 UEPH Barracks - Construction of two new three-story 84-person Construct Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) Barracks. Q4FY24 >$10M F&O
541330 NWS W912DW-24-R-0Z6V A-E Services for Hazardous, Toxic, Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Support - services required for Military, IIS, Civil Works and operating project sites primarily with in the NWS AOR (Area or Responsibility), but these services may be used to support work by other districts within the NWD Q1FY25 >$10M SB

This information is provided to serve as a reference for potential contracting and subcontracting opportunities from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The information is subject to change without notice.

Set aside abbreviations  
Woman Owned Small Business  WOSB
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOSB
Small Business  SB
Full & Open F&O
Request for Proposal RFP
8(a) sole source 8(a) SS
8(a) competitive 8(a) comp
*projected and subject to change  

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