US Army Corps of Engineers
Northwestern Division

Reservoir Control Center Water Quality Program

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Northwestern Division, Reservoir Control Center implements the water quality program associated with spill operations established in the Biological Opinions issued by NOAA for the Lower Columbia and Snake Rivers' hydroelectric dams. The Biological Opinion was established through the Endangered Species Act process and calls for water to be spilled from April through August each year at the hydroelectric dams as a measure to increase survival of endangered salmon and steelhead as they pass the dams to assist their migration to the ocean.

This web site provides information and data on the Division spill program and the resultant total dissolved gas (TDG) and temperature. This includes information on spill management, regional TDG studies, meetings, plans, reports and research studies. The Corps adjusts spill caps and spill levels in real time operations and there are spill guidance documents, reports and models that are used to aid in this spill cap change process.

District water quality programs cover the other water quality parameters such as nutrients, potassium, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and others.

Program Documents & Reports

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