Columbia River Treaty

Columbia River Treaty - Projects

Among the projects proposed under the Columbia River Treaty were construction and operation of 15.5 million acre-feet of Canadian storage and optimization of power generation and flood control downstream in the U.S. & Canada. Construction of the Libby reservoir under the Treaty provisions added another 5 million acre-feet of storage.

Implementation involved development of four treaty projects including Duncan Dam & Duncan Lake, Keenleyside Dam & Arrow Lakes, and Mica Dam & Kinbasket Lake in Canada and Libby Dam & Lake Koocanusa in Montana.

Implementation of the four Treaty Projects included a detailed operating plan for Canadian Storage as well as supplemental agreements:

Detailed Operating Plans for Canadian Treaty Projects:

  • Article XIV (2) of the Treaty allows the Entities to prepare the Detailed Operating Plan for the upcoming year.
  • Must agree on changes (mutual benefits).
  • The DOP includes the process for determining real-time project operations.
  • Authorizes the mutually beneficial changes to the DOP for power and non-power purposes.

Typical Supplemental Agreements:

  • Provisional Storage
  • Nonpower Uses Agreement
    • US Flow Augmentation storage
    • US Vernita Bar minimum flows
    • Canadian Arrow Level Enhancement
    • Canadian Trout spawning
    • Canadian Whitefish
  • Canadian Whitefish Spawning
  • Arrow Local Method

Agreement on Libby operations:

  • Libby Coordination Agreement
  • Libby/Arrow storage swap