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Columbia River Basin Water Management

This is the home page for the Columbia Basin Water Management Division, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are responsible for the Corps' river and reservoir regulation activities in the Columbia River Basin. Please click the icons on the map to learn more about the various projects in the Columbia Basin.

Columbia River

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Columbia River Basin News and Features

Federal water managers announce public information sessions about post-September 2024 Columbia River Treaty operations
How the United States uses reservoir space in Canada changes on September 16, 2024, from the high degree of structure and control of flows coming across the border from Canada experienced over the...
Drastic difference between air and water temperature could kill
With the onset of record-breaking heat across much of the Pacific Northwest, it’s imperative that people wear life jackets while swimming, boating and fishing. While air temperatures may be high,...
Juvenile salmon benefit from spring spill
In April, the Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started spilling water on the Snake and Columbia rivers to help juvenile salmon migrate downstream. We met up with Julie Ammann,...
Water managers begin spring spill to benefit juvenile salmon
Federal water managers will begin spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over spillways instead of through turbines during annual “spring spill” operations at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’...
A step towards navigable waters: A history of McNary Lock and Dam
As people moved into the Pacific Northwest, communities grew around the rivers, especially the Columbia and Snake. Back then, the rivers were temperamental and hard to navigate. However, there was a...