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Archive: January, 2017
  • Reservoir system prepared for 2017 runoff season; Missouri Basin runoff near average for 2016

    The full flood control capacity of the Missouri River mainstem reservoir system is available for the 2017 runoff season, according to the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Missouri River Water Management Division. All 2016 stored flood water was evacuated from the reservoir system as of December 18, when the total volume stored in the Mainstem Reservoir System reached 56.1 million acre-feet (MAF). “Due to the complete evacuation of the reservoir system, Gavins Point releases were reduced from 18,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to the normal winter rate of 17,000 cfs on January 5. Basin conditions will continue to be monitored and reservoir releases adjusted as needed throughout the winter in preparation for the 2017 runoff season”, said Jody Farhat, Chief of the Missouri River Water Management Division. “The entire flood control capacity of the Mainstem Reservoir System stands ready to capture spring runoff, reducing flood risk while providing support to other authorized project purposes.”