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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and Bonneville Power Administration, as co-lead agencies, are on track to issue the Columbia River System Operations draft environmental impact statement by the end of February. The DEIS documents the evaluation of the impacts of the long-term, coordinated water management functions for the operation, maintenance and configuration of the 14 federal dam and reservoir projects that comprise the federal Columbia River System.

The co-lead agencies are developing the DEIS in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act in response to the need to review and update management of this system. This includes evaluating impacts to resources in the context of new information and changed conditions in the Columbia River basin. Information from this process will inform future decisions and allow for a flexible approach to meeting multiple responsibilities and complying with all applicable laws.

The co-lead agencies considered input from the public and tribal, state and local governments obtained during the scoping period and input from cooperating agencies during the development of the DEIS. The agencies applied screening criteria, such as technical feasibility, to develop a reasonable range of alternatives that meet EIS objectives and balance the multiple purposes of the 14 projects. The details of the alternatives evaluation, including a preferred alternative, will be available for review in the DEIS.

DEIS Review and Comment Opportunities Upcoming
The public review and comment period for the DEIS will open for 45 days starting on the date the NEPA Notice of Availability is published in the Federal Register. Look for this notice on and here, on this webpage (

Information on how to view the DEIS, provide comments, and the dates and locations of public comment meetings will be listed in the Notice of Availability, announced via email and through other outreach efforts upon release of the DEIS. Written and verbal public comments will be accepted at the comment meetings, via postal mail and through a web-based comment form.

For guidance on how to provide input, the co-lead agencies recommend that interested citizens read A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA: Having your Voice Heard.

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EIS Co-lead Agencies

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and  Bonneville Power Administration operate, maintain, and transmit hydroelectric power from 14 federal multiple purpose dams and related facilities located throughout the Columbia River basin.