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System for Award Management LogoThe Northwestern Division is comprised of five Districts: Kansas City, Omaha, Portland, Seattle and Walla Walla. 
Our Contracting Opportunities Forecast affords you opportunities to help the Northwestern Division and the US Army Corps of Engineers (1) execute our mission, and (2) achieve established small business goals.  

The Northwestern Division’s objective is to assist you in maximizing to the extent practicable your opportunities to participate in the federal market place, advancing the goals of national security, a sustainable industrial base and progression of our small business performance today and into the future.

Once a requirement is identified, we conduct market research to identify small business interest and capability to accomplish the requirement as either prime contractors or subcontractors. This market research is assisted through outreach events such as the Innovation Summit, Small Business Conferences and Industry Days.  

Additionally, small business responses to Northwestern Division’s “sources sought notices” posted to the System for Award Management website, and use of the Small Business Administration’s tools are key elements of this market research.

For your convenience, the Northwestern Division’s forecast business opportunities for FY22 and beyond are available for each District.  

We invite Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), Historically Underutilized Small Business (HUBZone) concerns to work with us.  If you have questions about an opportunity or opportunities within a District, do not hesitate to call or e–mail the District’s Small Business Professional. Points of contact are listed on the back cover.

Contracting Guide

Contracting: Guide to doing business with USACE

US Army Corps of Engineers, Northwestern Division
Published Feb. 1, 2024

Learn more by visitng the USACE, Doing Business with us website.

How to Register:

You must register your business in the System for Award Management (SAM) at before submitting an offer or quote. Registration is free. 

  1. If you need help during SAM registration fisit the, Federal Service Desk at for contact information via live chat, web form, or phone. 
  2. If you would like to be included in the Disaster Recovery Registry, you must indicate this during the SAM registration process; see information at
  3. A current Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code is required to do business with the Federal Government. During the Same registration proces, a cage code will be assigned to your business. 


To find U.S. Army Corps of Engineers locations, visit and review the mission of each District/Center Contracting Office to determin your interest. If you are a Small Business , contact the District/Center's Small Business Office to discuss your firm's capability. 

Acquisition Regulations, Instruction, and Desk Guide

USACE contract awards and administration are goverened by three regulations and an acquisition and instruction with companion guide. You will need to become familiar with each:

  1. Regulations: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR); FAR procedures and deviations;  and Army FAR Supplement
  2. USACE Acquisition Instruction an USACE Desk Guide: The latest version dated June 3, 2019 may be obtained from the Contracting Officer and updates can be found at

Contract Opportunities

  1. Search for USACE contract opportunities at Contract opportunites may be searched by keyword, solicitation number, or District/Center name. Each contract opportunity is classified by a Product Service Code (PSC) or Federal Supply Code (FSC), and a North American Industry Classifcation System (NAICS) code. Thus, it is important to know which PSC, FSC, or NAICS applised to your industry. To learn about a PSC or FSC, view the Product and Service Code Manual at To learn about NAICS codes, visit
  2. If you are a Small Business, to find subcontracting opportunities on USACE contracts, search the Small Business Administration (SBA) Subcontracting Network at
  3. For all USACE contract awards, conduct a Contract Data search at A search of the data is a great way to seek subcontract opportunities, as well as monitor expiring contracts for future contract opportunities.  

Remember, in addition to your district/center Small Business Professional, your state's Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a GREAT resource and partner to help you organize your USACE business development planning and any of the above stops on the road trip to USACE contracts- find your state's PTAC at Help for Government Contracting - APTAC - Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (

If you have additional questions, please contact the appropriate district/center or USACE HQ Office of Small Business Programs

Opportunities Forecast

The road to doing business with USACE
Contracting: Guide to doing business with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...
Hydroelectric Design Center Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Established in 1948 to support new hydroelectric development on the Columbia River, HDC is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ National Center for Expertise in hydroelectric and large pumping plant engineering services. Administratively a part of the Portland District, our office is in downtown Portland, Oregon. Our hydropower engineering work is spread throughout the USACE, in nine divisions and 38 districts...
Kansas City District Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Missions include Civil Works, Military Construction, Regulatory, and the cleanup of Hazardous, Toxic and Radiation waste. Civil Works boundaries include parts of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado; and manages 500 miles of the Missouri River, 18 lakes, and 2 hydropower facilities. Military Construction serves 7 military installations with construction services in Missouri and Kansas, as well as the U.S. Army Reserve Design Program in 10 states stretching northward from Missouri. It’s the primary design district in 7 states and the secondary design district in 8 states for the Hazardous, Toxic, and Radiological Waste cleanup program, and it is responsible for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Disposal (nonfissionable materials) for the entire U.S. The District provides emergency response and recovery to Kansas and Missouri under Public Law and the Nation under the National Response Framework...
Kansas City District Multiple-Award/Single-Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC/SATOC)
Multiple-Award/Sigle-Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC/SATOC) Contracts With Subcontracting Plans...
Omaha District Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Delivering quality engineering solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, through collaboration with partners, to secure our nation, energize our economy, reduce disaster risk, protect our environment, and manage our water resources. With more than 80 years of distinguished service marked by engineering excellence, outstanding technical support, and superb multi-disciplinary services, the Omaha District delivers quality, timely products and services at a reasonable cost...
Portland District Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Provides engineering services to the Pacific Northwest and Nation to strengthen our security, promote a strong economy & enhance environmental sustainability. The District encompasses nearly 97,000 square miles of land and water in Oregon and southwestern Washington. The District’s future is tied to helping to balance the region’s competing needs for navigation, flood damage reduction, hydropower, fish and wildlife habitat, disaster recovery, irrigation and recreation. This is accomplished by improving and maintaining navigation for economic development and safety, preventing & reducing flood damage, restoring, enhancing & maintaining ecosystems, generating reliable and efficient hydropower, regulating activities in wetlands and waterways, providing Corps-wide expertise in hydroelectric planning and engineering, and by providing safe and healthful recreational opportunities for the public...
Seattle District Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Provides Military and Civil Works services as well as support for other agencies. The District also plays a key role in environmental protection and improvement – from protecting wetlands to ecological restoration and cleaning up hazardous and toxic waste pollution. The District’s military mission includes designing and building projects for the Army, Air Force and Army Reserves. The District also provides technical services to other armed forces upon request. The Seattle District operates the Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, Washington; the Albeni Falls Dam in Oldtown, Idaho; the Libby Dam in Libby, Montana; and the Hiram Chittenden (Ballard) Locks in Seattle, Washington...
Seattle District Multiple-Award/Single-Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC/SATOC)
Multiple-Award/Sigle-Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC/SATOC) Contracts With Subcontracting Plans...
Walla Walla District Contracting Opportunities Forecast
Operates and maintains multi-purpose infrastructure assets, and plans and executes engineering and water resource services across the Inland Northwest and the Nation to safely maximize public and environmental benefits. A Civil Works District with boundaries generally following the Snake River drainage including approximately 107,000 square miles in 6 states. The District’s 296 miles of rivers include, 6 hydropower projects; 5 multipurpose projects with hydropower and navigation, flood risk management, disaster assistance, wildlife habitat management areas, engineering and construction, dam and levee safety, environmental stewardship, fish programs, regulatory services for the state of Idaho and Walla Walla District recreation sites with about 8 million visitors a year...